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Top of Summer To-Do List: Annapolis’ First Sunday Arts Festival

First Sunday Arts Festival is a Sunday afternoon stroll in Annapolis at its best. Dogs are out smiling with their two-legged friends, children enjoy the view from atop their parents’ shoulders, restaurant-goers overflow out into the street, and shoppers peruse authentic local goods from the town’s skilled artisans. Sometimes you can catch your favorite vendors a few months in a row or perhaps you’ll stumble upon one you’ve never seen before. The variety of offerings is ever-changing, making for a fresh experience each time you visit.

July 2, 2015 | Lindsay Bolin

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Kayaking on a Quiet Cove

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Small Boats Aboard Big Boats

How many small boats can you stow on a big boat? As with so many burning questions and their answers, it depends…

When we cruise the Chesapeake Bay overnight with friends and family, we take along an assortment of small boats and water toys—maybe a stand-up paddle board, a wind surfer, or a pair of kayaks, or sometimes just some large swim floats.

June 28, 2015 | Ann Powell

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Ahhh. Annapolis by Water. Worth the Winter Wait.

Every winter, when the mercury dips below 40 (and especially this past winter when it was so cold I was wearing a knit hat in my home office), I talk about leaving the Great State of Maryland for warmer pastures. Fortunately, the weather finally starts heating up, the thin layer of ice on the Magothy and Severn Rivers thaws, and I wonder, whom am I kidding? I’ll never leave these waterways.

June 16, 2015 | Jennifer Keats Curtis

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A Magical Bookstore on Maryland Avenue Welcomes Visitors to its Secret Garden and Café

Step into the special world of The Annapolis Bookstore, at 35 Maryland Avenue, where owners Mary E. Adams and Janice Holmes are eager to welcome old, young and in-between visitors. I bet my bank account you have never experienced such a rare encounter with a booklover’s wildest imaginings – if, that is, this vision includes thousands of used, new, and rare books as well as literary artifacts and greeting cards. Add to this the bookstore’s whimsically designed outdoor garden and cozy café and the picture is complete.

June 12, 2015 | Mary Lou Baker

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The Race that Bridges Two Sailing Cities

If you’ve ever driven down Rowe Boulevard, you’ve seen the sign proclaiming Annapolis as “America’s Sailing Capitol”. We are very proud of this title. But there’s another city whose residents think they too deserve it: Newport, Rhode Island. This (mostly) friendly debate has been raging for years between sailors of both ports. In recent years the competition proved fierce as Annapolis won the location for the Sailing Hall of Fame, while Newport won the recent Volvo Ocean Race stopover—both highly coveted honors in the sailing industry. Regardless of which city is the true sailing capitol, the bi-annual Annapolis to Newport Race is the one event that brings the cities together in celebration of sailing.

June 11, 2015 | Shannon Hibberd

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Meet The Locals


Meet the Locals: Brian Meyer

June 29, 2015 | Elizabeth Heubeck

At 28, Brian Meyer has taken more risks than many people do in a lifetime. Attending college over 4,000 miles from home while mastering outrigger canoe paddling (OC-6). Securing highly coveted jobs back east with a professional sports team and global sports apparel giant. Taking up paddle boarding and turning pro. Launching Annapolis’ Capital SUP with fellow boarders. In an interview with www.naptownlocals.com, Brian filled in some details of his intriguing life story to date.

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The Annapolis Collection Gallery Weaves Together Art and History

May 21, 2015 | Patrice Drago

Arts, History

It’s impossible to be anywhere in downtown Annapolis and not feel the history of the town – from colonial times to the more recent history of the 20th century. And there’s nothing more exciting than bringing history to life through art. There are some masterful examples around town. One downtown gallery in particular invites you to step back in time and converse with people of the past – from the very famous to local residents who might otherwise be forgotten.

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Coming to Annapolis for Commissioning Week? Where to Meet and Eat

May 14, 2015 | Mary Lou Baker

Dining, Family

Each May, Annapolis gears up to celebrate Commissioning Week at the United States Naval Academy—including yours truly, whose SEAL son graduated a few years ago. Seems like yesterday that family members flew in from San Francisco and Savannah to celebrate his graduation. While many folks rent houses for the week and others stay in hotels or B&Bs, where to meet and eat is an ongoing question for out-of-towners, so here are some suggestions.

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Spring Sailboat Show

Sustainability at the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

May 12, 2015 | Adam Dahlgard


As the Sailing Capital of the U.S., Annapolis is home to the two largest in-water sailboat shows in the United States: the U.S. Sailboat in October, and the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show in April. Along with the industry’s latest vessels inundating Ego Alley and the Annapolis Harbor at these much-anticipated boat shows come dozens of vendors showcasing every type of cutting-edge, sailboat-related accoutrement you can imagine. Among these, at the 2015 Spring Sailboat Show, included sustainable alternatives to gas-powered outboard motors.

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mayday teaser

May Day Blooms in Annapolis

April 22, 2015 | Ann Powell

Events, Family

There’s a change in the air in downtown Annapolis. At long last, March winds and April showers are giving way to sunshine, straw hats, and May flowers. Like a long-held secret bursting out, May Day is a beautiful phenomenon in our town, thanks to the traditions of the City’s garden clubs.

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abf intro

An Insider’s Guide to the Annapolis Book Festival

April 17, 2015 | Donna Cole

Events, Family

It’s one day long and it’s jammed packed with books, authors, incredibly interesting panels and activities for the whole family. The selection of used, bargain books is HUGE, but easily browsed based on genre – fiction, non-fiction, children’s, teen’s, travel, cooking, maritime, foreign language and the list goes on. The used books have been collected for the past several months and reflect the diverse interests of our community. The same diversity applies to the new books –for adults and kids.

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Chef Teddy Folkman


April 16, 2015 | Mary Lou Baker


Many a celeb has stayed at the Loews Annapolis Hotel, but nobody has taken up permanent residence – until Theodore Folkman came to town last month. Folkman, a passionate chef and craft beer promoter with impressive culinary creds, is the new co-owner of Baroak Cookhouse and Tap Room at this popular hotel. Spacious and airy, with 153 seats indoors and additional tables (some picnic style) seating 90 on outdoor terraces, its modern décor suggests an upscale tavern.

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May Mart – An Annapolis Tradition for 70 Years

April 9, 2015 | Donna Cole

Best of month, Events

April showers do in fact bring May flowers, and nowhere is that more evident than Annapolis. For seven decades, the Four Rivers Garden Club (FRGC) has held its May Mart, offering Annapolitans a glorious selection of flowers, herbs, plants and, of course, May Day baskets. For those who’ve never been to the May Mart, just outside the doors of the Market House in Downtown Annapolis, here you will find …

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